JOHN S KOKER was born in Sierra Rutile-Mogbwemo, Sierra Leone. He received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in February 2005. 

Evangelist JOHN S KOKER spent three years as a school assemble christian leader whilst attending Senior secondary school and Scripture union President. Under the instruction of God and with the blessing of Pastor Abdul D Kposowa (New Life Ministries Int'l) Sierra Leone, Evangelist John S Koker started teaching Bible studies and later grew in spirit and the power of Christ started conducting deliverance service whilst his Pastor was away.

Evangelist earned a BSc(Hons.) in Geography and was employed by a sand mineral mining company in Sierra Leone named Sierra Rutile Ltd. He is much sought after as a speaker for conferences and seminars in Sierra Leone  

Evangelist John S Koker is presently involved in conducting monthly crusades and revival services arround Sierra Leone

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 King's Power Church was founded by Evangelist John S Koker. In May of 2013, John S Koker, who was serving as a teacher under Pastor Abdul D Kposowa, received a vision from God. He saw ahand which touched his mouth and hard a voice saying 'Speak to your generation'. He realized that God was calling him to start a ministry that will reach out to his generation. As he pondered the vision and thought about the needs of the people that would arise in this ministry to teach their generations. He immediately received in his heart that God wanted him to start a ministry. He shared the vision with his Pastor which he then approved, and supported. Presently, the ministry is preaching all over the nation of Sierra Leone